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Originally Posted by pursuitofhappyness View Post
I am in a poly marriage. I know I shouldn't have read it, but I opened Facebook to get on my own account, and found that my husband's page was open. His messages were there to read, so I did. I didn't like what I found. I read messages he has been sharing with his gf, and they are so over the top of how much he loves her, and how they have this awesome electricity, and how just thinking about her makes him smile.

These are things he never says to me. I know I shouldn't have read it. It was so stupid of me. But now I can't shake the insecurity I am feeling.

I just want him to treat me with the same respect he gives her.
Hey Pursuit,

First, please, don't take it personally ! I suspect it's quite likely he HAS said such things to you in the past

NRE is such a nasty thing. Passion of ANY type always runs the risk of running over us.

I really do understand your hurt. I've been through this. I think most people in poly lives have - to various degrees. Until you learn to keep perspective on it (if you ever can) I suggest you adopt a DADT policy in regards to his interaction with others. The words/facts in your face are just a bit too much. Don't read his mail. Don't listen to hi conversations.

Eventually, hopefully, you'll get to a place you can smile, even giggle, at how cute it is. Because it WILL pass.............

Hang in there...........

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