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Default Good Afternoon!

I just signed up today.
Im *fairly* new to the poly lifestyle. That is, Its only been a few months since I accepted who I am and what I want and started living the way Ive wanted to for so long.
So pardon my ignorance. Even just from browsing the forums I've learned quite a bit. But I think this will be a good place. What I really need is people who actually understand my lifestyle choice, who I can talk to.
Its hard to ask advice from someone who doesnt believe you can have more than one relationship.

Anyways, my name is Alex, I'm from Vancouver (Canada)
I'm 21 and a 'single' mother. Im currently involved with two men. One moreso than the other. But it's early stages for both, so I'm not really at liberty to assume anything at this point.

So... yep. Looking forward to talking to everybody.
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