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It's been a while, i thought i'd revisit my post and update everyone. So in January I met the most beautiful girl in the world. We have been dating ever since. I'm still with my hubby as well. It have been a very "cautious" situation but luckily, her and her husband have been extremely understanding and supportive.

Im currently trying to get my husband just to meet them. they want to meet him. I'm hoping once he meets her husband, he'll be more secure we are not going to be riding off in the sunset together. We (her, her husband, and myself) all have the same understanding....we are hoping my husband will soon see the vision.

we spend pride together and i love her. it's been a little over 7 months and we, her and I, are VERY happy. We are planning having a monthly "family" get together where the husbands and wives get together. (no swinging, no swapping, there is NO relationship beyond a friendship with her husband and with my husband!!! NO threesomes or anything. its me and my hubby. her & her hubby. her & I. all separate!! and once a month, we'd like to all hang out as friends.

my husband knows everything...

anyway, just wanted to update everyone. I'm happy. I just wish my husband was on board. that makes things complicated but i think he's opening up a little. we are planning our next "family" meeting and he might come. they're in public areas because we're friends, and my husband likes the next planned event we are attending. Last family event was on our 7 month "anniversary" and it was just her her husband & myself. we had a ball and made the best of it. we planned it so if my husband wanted to come he could, but there was no "pressure".

ill keep you guys updated...

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