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silly question - i'm all about the communication - but i'm so bad at it - i'm afraid i guess -afraid of being so vulnerable - i know the others have more pressing needs at this time and i get that in my head - it's the internal self talk that is really not helping - also i think i'm trying to ask questions and not being able to formulate my thoughts well as far as from "I" statements. Everytime i sort of say - is everything ok - i hear it is -and that i need to relax, have fun, and just "be" (not the easiest thing for an analytical person to do). i'm working on it - but that's why i'm here, to learn, to ask questions - i know i miss the "shiny" and it was sort of like a switch flipped and now it's sort of routine. Way quick, i felt like i had turned him off quite honestly - but i'm going to practice being uncomfy in my skin (when i say that i mean to just allow myself to be and bring myself back to that energy when my mind starts to think too much).

But i do need to think about what i need - and yes - time with the other women is a big thing - i feel excluded otherwise and then it's just separate relationships - i'd love to form an emotional bond and that would make me feel so much better, would make it easier for me to breathe i think.

thank you all for your imput and keep it coming if you'd wish. What i've gleaned so far is that i'm normal - go figure

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