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Just got off the phone with my mom. My niece is hanging out there for a few hours and I got to talk to her. It's always bittersweet. I love getting to hear her voice, but then I cry because I am missing so much of her life. She hasnt figured the phone out yet. She speaks perfectly clear, but whispers in the phone. I got a "hi" and was informed she was hungry and eating grits, and then was quickly handed back to grandma.

Still in a mood and am too damn tired to figure it out. Barely slept and when I did finaly fall asleep the damn neighbors started blaring music and fighting.

Difficult to clear your head when it's too tired to think.

I'm nit picking. Finding things to be upset over. Only looking for negative outcomes. I was mad b/c Karma didn't take the movie back this morning, I didn't ask him to, so why am I mad about it? He's not a damn mind reader.

TL-I guess I'll find out if I was right or not when he gets home. I won't say anymore, he got upset with me for discussing his penis size in walmart. I totaly don't get it, the man can buy tampons and learn all about female parts but doesn't want to...what...make other men feel bad?
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