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Well, I posted some suggestions earlier in the thread, but they weren't acknowledged. I think these could help (if I do say so myself), so what does anyone else think:
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People do change. Relationships do evolve. See what is, not what was. You can't drive a car always looking in the rear-view mirror.

If you feel he is distancing himself, that could be your fears playing on your mind. Or it could be that he is just focusing on his relationship with her and is a bit caught up in NRE. Either way, talk to him about it. Tell him you are afraid to see the same thing happen all over again, and ask that he move more slowly this time.

Also, you said in your other thread that she is a friend. Go out with her, talk with her, develop a relationship with her, so that she doesn't become some big threat looming in your mind.

Find ways to nurture and nourish the romance and love between you and your husband without pointing fingers or claiming ownership.

Take care of you, and look at the part that still hasn't forgiven him for what happened before. This is what I mean by working toward compersion.
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