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I love the Heinlein quote (Stranger In a Strange Land) "Love doesn't divide, it multiplies". Violet and I have been having this exact conversation today. In fact, tech put it in exactly the same words she did - "I don't understand how there can be more than 100%". This is a new issue with us, because up until recently, she's been the one pushing the "open relationship" concept and insisting that by sharing me she is happier.

Anyway - I cannot comprehend the "100% of love" thing. Love is infinite. Parents may or may not pick favorites, but they love all their kids - hell, I'm the oldest of 8 and I ertainly don't feel tht we each got 12.5% of our parents love, LMAO!

If you're religious, how does God/whever you equate with that term love literally BILLIONS of His/Her/Whatever children? Divide 100% by several tens of billions and there just ain't much to go around, lol. As a Christian, I certainly do NOT feel that od loves me .0000000001% of his total capacity!

Or pets - Violet has had at various times as many as 13 cats. If you have a cat and you get another, what's the split? 50/50? 60/40? If you have 13, do they all get 7.9% of your love? Or does one get 50% and the others each get 4%? See, I can't see it that way. Just can't.

I find that the more love thereis in my life, the greater my capacity to love in return. That makes sense to me and works for me. I can't fathom being another way.

Tech is right on the money with the time thing though - haven't found a way to multiply that seeing as my car, fast as it is, can't seem to manage lightspeed...
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