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Originally Posted by pursuitofhappyness View Post
I allowed this relationship to happen again. I have no idea why. And now I fear I am going to pay the price of hurt and frustration once again. I am feeling quite foolish.
You ALLOWED. I think there is something you are not getting here. You didn't allow him too, you chose to be with him when he also loves another. I wonder how much you understand what he feels. I guess now you can really work on it all now that you know how deep his love is. That is not something that should be frown upon but celebrated. Love is better of expanding rather than controlled and made to be scarce in our relationship lives. He loves her, but he has realized that his marriage is also as much to love. How he expresses that is different because it is different.

I think if I were in your position I would not ever read his stuff again, give him the benefit of the doubt... maybe she is just needy in terms of hearing that kind of thing... maybe that is her way of feeling loved is to hear it... if it is yours also I suggest you get about telling him that. No need to expect him to know. Ask to be spoken to that way!
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