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Oh I know most, hell, all of these feelings are based on fear. And Ceoli, you hit the nail on the head with all of them!!! We have a very good communication with each other. Me and DF can sometimes be brutally honest. DB I think is still getting used to showing his deep emotions making himself vunarable. But anyways... I've told them this is what I'm afraid of. Explained why and they both say they understand. I've told them, for me, what several "worst case scenarios" would be. None of this has changed my fears or lessend them. If anything it has made them worse cause now I see the pain in their eyes of wanting to hold back with each other to save me from more pain. I'm tired of this pain and fear. I'm tired of my pain and fear hurting them! And I don't know what to do to fix it!

Happy: Sorry, took me awhile to get back on here and I did reply back, and sorry I haven't called, but me and DF have been sick. Hopefully by this weekend we'll be better and you'll hear from us.
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