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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
The beauty of it is, I have the wisdom of my accumulated years as wife and mother and counselor to add to the playfulness I share with "the kids."
that's it!!!
nice to meet you, mag
Originally Posted by River View Post
It's lovely to see you taking "vast" care of yourself, Neegoola! Would that we all could do so with ourselves! The world would be so much the better.

Today I am meditating on the word, sincere.
darlin', i say that Now i'm taking care of my self vastly in comparison to troubles and wounds i provocated since 2 years ago to me and some other ego minds and bodies around me. ...
i discovered that it is not impossible saying "no" sometimes to my Inner Servant (Unihipili?) and letting Her see that something nice and interesting and clever and lovely is going to happen with that shift.
sometimes..kind of work, dear

i share everything you wrote about sincerity; well.. there is something bit.. sad i could add from my experience in being TOO sincere, but for the moment i feel simply to report what Yi (I Ching) often reminds me: flow like water does, filling up every corner while running in her path, in the opportune way.
i swear i'm doing my very best for it, but it's for me one of the most difficult control i have to have.
you remember that tell? "the emperor is naked!!" here we are...but i'm not a child..

simply yours (of every reader, of course )
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