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Well the final is over yay! It was horrible. LOL. This teacher was the worst I've ever had. A lot of questions on little bitty things in the readings we didn't discuss in class and puh-lenty of grammatical nonsense that made the questions unintelligible. Oh well. It's over.

Long distance has not been easy but in the end we've done okay with it and most definitely learned a lot. I feel like we are way stronger as a result. But I AM looking forward to a little close distance!!

I am not looking forward to the process of menopause but the other side sounds lovely. :-) I've had periods for qlmost thirty years and I'm about done. Had my tubes tied 8 years ago so it's not like I need those eggs making their little trip!

The hotel I'm looking at is the Hilton on the east side of the convention center. Really close to the Marriott and hyatt! Same stretch of bay. I am VERY excited!! Mini honeymoon before the vacay.

Were under 3 weeks now. So much to do and yet I want it to go faster. LOL it's alwYs like this.
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