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Yes it makes perfect sense.
Everyone has these types of issues in life.
Unfortunately the longer we put it off the harder it is to find the true source of them.

I know for me it was an issue of realizing that just because my dad walked out didn't mean I wasn't a wonderful, lovable, person. Once I got past that I had to deal with the fact that I had a child at 16. When I realized that the toll that took on my body in fact didn't effect my beauty (because beauty isn't just skin deep) I was able to recognize that I was still worthy.

After all of that I became so much more secure in myself and it certainly shows through in my relationships. That said-of course i still have moments where I have self-doubt. The key in keeping those from controlling my life is being able to speak them outloud-to myself and to someone I trust to never use them against me. When I am able to get them off my chest I inevitably find the reassurance I need which kills the self-doubt and I'm back on my happy way again.

Maca is struggling through that stuff right now. It's not easy to really truly face your deepest fears and insecurities, but if you don't, it will effect any relationship you have-even a purely monogomous relationship. (that would be why Maca ended up divorced from his first wife). So I suggest working on that even if this bf turns out to not be the one for you. It will help you to be a much stronger, more fulfilled and happy person in and of yourself!
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