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Hi Anna! I just spent most of my morning sitting in bed reading your entire, just oh my are such an inspiration to me....your thought process, your experiences, just extremely, extremely new to the whole concept of polyamory lifestyles....your story is by far my favorite on this of right now, I am married and bi-curious and I suppose I can wven consider myself some ways I picture my husband being like Eric....if I ever decided to explore a poly lifestyle, he would be understanding and supportive and appreciative as Eric has been in your life..I can picture it all happening for him and I as it has been playing out for you, Gia and Eric, though if our life were ever to venture down the same path, I could only pray and hope that it turns out as beautifully as yours has....its so reassuring and inspiring to hear of love and happiness, even through all its complexities.....

You may have mentioned this before, but could you talk about your thoughts and experience when you first decided to live a poly lifestyle? Was it something you thoroughly thought about or just something that you gradually found yourself in? As someone who's only just becoming aware and is learning, but has been in a mono relationship her whole life, I'd love to hear your perspective when it all "began" for you....

And a huge Thank You for sharing your thoughts and life experiences... And congrats on little Bee!!
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