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Just thought I'd give y'all a quick update. Bee is almost a month old now. He's big and healthy and pink. Gia is well but has been having a tough time, struggling with giving Bee all the care he needs while not going crazy. Eric is holding things together and is great at his job as Dad.

I visit a couple of times a week and always focus on doing helpful things like cooking or holding Bee. Right now it feels like this stage will never end. I miss my physical connection with them so much sometimes that I don't know what to do. I care for the three of them so much though that, ultimately, I just want to spend all the time with them that I can. One nice thing -- Gia and Eric are both so independent that this is probably the one time in our lives that they can easily let me just take care of them, which I like doing.

Next week we'll all be at a big camping event. Gia and Eric have been working their butts off to go, even though they know it'll be tough with Bee. Gia's parents will be there too. She's finally telling her dad about our relationship (her mom already knows) so that he doesn't get surprised while we're there, which is cool. Last year we went to the same event, sans baby and sans her parents. I stayed in their tent and slept with them every night on their big air mattress for a week straight. We had awesome sex and lots of good conversations. This year will be very different, we may not even camp terribly near each other for logistical reasons that make sense but would take a while to explain. I expect to have a great time, I just hope I don't get too wistful.
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