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I too had done this once actually tonight. I saw a message from M on what I thought was my facebook but turns out it wasn't mine at all. I read one thing hubby said and closed out fast. I admit it was an accident at first but I read the whole sentence after I realized it was his picture up and not mine. I didn't want to read the rest cause my heart can't take reading anything they say to each other. This is the second time I have seen something they have said and both times it was something that hurt me. I am starting to worry that everything they say to each other would hurt my. lol He said something along the lines of he could be or talk to anyone else in the world but nothing compared to her being in his arms or something gooey like that. Maybe I am just backwards but I try not to say something to my OSO that I think would hurt him to his core like that. I am not even going to mention it to him, well for starters cause I am sure he will read it on here, but because I don't want him to think I read his messages. M has asked me before if I read his messages or if I am psychic. I'm' not sure what she meant but she says I have an uncanny way of bringing up the same subjects that they had just talked about. I promised her I don't and him too.
All three M, hubby and I have the same phone. Last night I picked up one of them and it was hubby's. I instantly handed it to him as he was standing right there. He went to his messages, in front of both of us, and deleted all of the messages M had sent him. I felt like he didn't trust me and that he was saying things about me or that would hurt me. I really try to give them privacy but it seems like they still don't trust me. Or at least he doesn't.
It is hard to her the man you gave your life to say something like that to someone else. It is harder still to think that he really feels that way. I knew when he fell in love that I would not longer be primary to him that I would share that role with M but wow talk about a knife to the heart. It is just one of those things that I am trying not to dwell on. I know he loves her like that so some words on the screen shouldn't shock me that way. I don't expect him to say all that gooey stuff then say well and my wife, cause well it would just be wrong on many levels.

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