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Originally Posted by pursuitofhappyness View Post
I am in a poly marriage. I know I shouldn't have read it, but I opened Facebook to get on my own account, and found that my husband's page was open. His messages were there to read, so I did. I didn't like what I found. I read messages he has been sharing with his gf, and they are so over the top of how much he loves her, and how they have this awesome electricity, and how just thinking about her makes him smile.

These are things he never says to me. I know I shouldn't have read it. It was so stupid of me. But now I can't shake the insecurity I am feeling.

I just want him to treat me with the same respect he gives her.
I have had several online relationships that are exciting but turn out to be unexciting in person. The textual connection is, imo, its own thing. Someone who gets what you write and writes you back in a way that is stimulating is special, but it may not translate beyond text. Instead of assuming your partner is doing things that he fails to do with you, you could look at it as him doing something online that he can't do in person. The way he expresses himself to you in person may be the most he can muster in face-to-face contact. If he meets with her in person, the textual relationship may not translate at all.
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