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I did talk to him some more. I'm not sure that I am happy with it but I agreed that I could likely handle him chatting with people right now. I hate putting limitations on's not my style. I just want to be able to put everything out of my head right now and focus on recovering...I can't imagine dealing with any other issues if they came up. Actually even focusing on recovering is difficult enough...

I thought about whether I was 'pushing him away'. I would say that I tend to get withdrawn in times of crisis, I'm not sure if it's the same thing. It's possible that it feels the same to him though.

I tried to say that I wasn't comfortable with him dating at all. I said that I couldn't think about anyone else. I said that I understood that he was excited to be dating but that I just couldn't carry on with poly right now. He was hesitant to discuss it claiming it was counter productive to discuss the very thing that I said that I couldn't handle thinking about....which I suppose is true.

Maybe I was afraid to ask him to stop because maybe he wouldn't....

In the end I compromised. How happy am I with that? I think I might throw up.

I can't help thinking that if he had a 'relationship' with someone I wouldn't even consider asking for it to end. But come on...striking up a new 'thing' when this is going on it ridiculous in my mind!! If he was sick I would like to think that I would drop any scheduled movie dates with strangers and deal with the crisis. I would like to think that there wouldn't be any room for anything else. It is the very last thing I would expect from C. He is my rock. He always has been....

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