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I agree with you I know I need to work on me and I have always had problems with self esteem. I had an abusive alcoholic live in boy friend for quite some time. He later, after he sobering up from a 15 year drunk, told me that while he did find me attractive he knew I had a low self esteem and was sweet enough that he knew he could manipulate me enough to keep me buying his booze and taking care of him. He was one of those guys that would convince you that no one else would want ya. My husband has helped me sooo much in this area over the years. I think I worry more about us with M in the picture because even though she said she would rather walk away than come between us I still worry he will be less and less interested in me. Most of my problems are in my own head and I am going to counseling. I would never want M to walk away ever. I truly believe after H and I get over our hurdle and H and J get over theirs and M finds peace with this kind of relation, then I really think we will be great. I know that is a lot of ands but I think we will get through it. As long as I keep my head about me.
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