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OMG - I posted this HUGE reply yesterday and a server error made it go away! I want to cry! I don't have time to put it all down again, but the basics were:

I'm the oldest of 8 kids, 4 of whiom are barely 4 years apart. At one point 7 of us lived at home. My father is a VERY busy professional and my mother a very active person who has had projects going whether working from home home or not. And they raised us all, and found time for each other and for themselves, and for their projects and careers, and kept the yard and the house in order (with our help according to ability and age over the years).

I think some planning and adjusting needs to happen. I cannot fathom 3 or 4 adults not being able to run a household effectively to such an extent that each person - or 1 of the group even - could have less personal time than when she was a single mom! Something isn't right.
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