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Yuck, no fun! Hormones are just little evil things anyway, LOL. I just find it good to be aware... and interestingly, doing my yoga and other things has made my PMS much less... the wierd panic attack worst case scenario thoughts have been it so far (besides a little bloat), so I'm good with that!

So thank goodness it's FRIDAY! Went to hot yoga, even though I was BEAT. But going sets the tone for my whole weekend, so I wasn't about to ditch and I'm super glad I didn't! I tend to be a little more off balance, and get dizzy easier when I'm close to or starting my period.. LOL.. funny, but I'm good at modifying and laying down if I need to.

Now home and showered and doing some studying for my final tomorrow. (Not right this SECOND of course!). Having a glass of wine (or two) and relaxing... yay!!!

Had a really LOVELY texting time with hubs today. Sexy and fun and loving... so so needed and it's funny how such little things make such a HUGE difference. Anyway, since we're in the 3 week window for him coming home now I've been upping the sexual tension quotient! Can't do it too far in advance or it's just freaking frustrating!!! But it's been nice and definitely helps keep things exciting.

I think we're going to go ahead and get a hotel room for the night he comes home and maybe the next night-- even though we're taking a vacation a couple of weeks later. Our house is just too small and I have two grown teenagers living there... there's just no way to properly celebrate a homecoming under those circumstances! I was checking out hotels and I think I know which one I want to go to. It's downtown in SD, on the water, with a NICE pool, and walking distance to all the food places and stuff downtown, as well as the waterfront for walking and stuff. I just need to get the dates finalized and I'll reserve.

Ah, the home stretch!!
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