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It's a new path babe. Like we said there are some things you aren't sure you want to let go of that you may need to in order to move forward. Plus opening up to a stranger can be really scary. Though for me I preferred it. They new nothing about me. Had no reason to judg me. I could just put it all out there and learn how to process it.

Having a movie/ufc night with Karma. Then tomorrow I think he's going to see his friend ( KARMA NICKNAME DAMN IT). Still working out logistics like time frames and making plans and all that but so far things are good.

She's still not sure about meeting me. Apparently b/c she doesn't know how to be around me? Doesn't want it to be wierd? I dunno. I don't even know if I want to meet her. As much as I always wanted the happy little family, I think it may be good to give it space for awhile.
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