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How is your communication? I mean, REALLY? Violet and I thought we had it down - our policy of complete honesty and open communication was amazing and we revelled in the trust and love it made possible.

Until we figured out that we'd been holding things back. Things we didn't even KNOW we were holding back. Things we were holding back FROM OURSELVES, so how could we be honest with each other on those subjects?

And so we've spent a LOT of time learning all over again to be honest with ourselves first and each other after that. And we've learned that this is HARD. You try to be an honest person, but damn - you never realize how much you lie to yourself or rationalize thigs in your own head until you try to quit, LOL!

Be honest wth yourself - it will hurt. When you have it all straight - or think you do becuase I promise you'll find more later - talk with her and then them about it. And they should do the same.

Other than that, you should all get around to actually calling me back and replying to your PM's so we can all 6 go hang out sometime soon!
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