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That is something we have discussed rather recently. Everything will remained wrapped between her and I and any of her other partners. Seeing that she only sees him at events about 6 or 7 times a year this is a small introduction for the time being into a poly relationship. I don't have to worry about anymore partners due to the fact she is polysaturated with two people.

Thanks again guys, as you mention things to me I find that I am already covering my bases. I told her the other day that I joined a forum and she was shocked by it. Her face lights up when I ask well formed questions about all of it or things that pertain to her. I still make sure that she understands right now I am just trying to gather information and I don't know if we will be mono/poly or poly/poly or if I will have to walk away because I can't handle it. Though I feel the last one isn't going to happen. But anyways thank you all for the support, I know I appreciate it and in turn she appreciates it.
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