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It has been a beyond stressful week for me.

My mother yelled at me Monday. Totally uncalled for. Totally irrationally. I was already po'd at her because of information I found out at my dad's memorial the weekend before.

Wednesday at 3.30am I get a panicked phone call that my daughter and her boyfriend were in a fight (not with each other) - he'd been stabbed and her condition was unknown. Crazy panicked drive 5 hours away... done in 4. Pack up their stuff and move them down to my house. They are fine, physically - but now we all get to adjust to my adult daughter (and her boyfriend!!) moving back in with me.

I'm currently in an "I hate my job" phase. Just have to remember that my job is not who I am, and despite the fact that I spend 8 hours a day with these people - I am capable of building better relationships with them. If I fail in that - then there are other options. Kinda kicking myself that I didn't take the job that was offered to me 2 weeks ago though

Currently just want to curl up somewhere and cry. Trying to make it through my last 45 mins and head home - then I will spend the weekend on skates and in my garden, though not at the same time
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