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Originally Posted by River View Post
By the way, M and I have established a habit of being extremely open with one another, keeping nothing hidden or secret. This definitely keeps the guessing games at bay. If one of us is feeling this way or that way, we'll just say so.
I agree with this.
Anytime I feel smothered, or need space, or am to busy, I just say so.

I don`t think its any harder in LDR`s to tell those things if both parties are honest. LDR`s are only as difficult, as people make them to be.

With that said, how do you tell ?
Your personal bullshit-meter should tell you, but if you feel your insecurities are over-riding it, then relax, and don`t message the person. Regardless, if they are busy, or they are distancing themself, your response should be the same.
Just carry on doing your own thing. Put them at the back of your mind, for now.
If they are wrestling with a issue, yet still care, they`ll contact you when they are ready to talk. You can then decide wether you are still interested or not.

If they are distancing themself to get out of a situation permanently, they wont return your message, or you`ll get a 'Dear nycindie' email at some point.

If they are busy,..well, they are busy ! The same goes. They`ll get back to you when they have time. You can then decide if their 'busy' warranted you being ignored or not.

I hope this helps.
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