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its fairly new. we are talking things slowly and doing a lot of talking about expectation etc. we have a pretty decent intimate network so i discuss with them that i wouldnt seek out additional partners but would still like to occasionally play with current friends but when we had a party hubs was being affectionate with someone (that he will never fool around with anyway) and the female of the couple was getting jealous, even though she wouldnt make any demands (she says it's not her place to) I dont want her being uncomfortable either. so that being said, even though they said we can talk about concessions being made, i think there would still be some hurt feelings

Do i want polyfi? no. do I think this couple is worth trying? Yes and our being with other people is very sporadic so I wouldnt want to pass on them when I have been wanting intimacy beyond friendship.

I guess I have always liked having options and I always liked that I felt comfortable seeing hubs just have his arm around someone and now i kind of feel like I have to be uncomfortable about it if she's around. but they are VERY new to poly, so maybe in time they will feel more comfortable with themselves. they are also 10 years younger than us so Im sure that plays a bit in that

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