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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
In a long-distance relationship, how can you tell when a drop in frequency of contact or a sense of disconnection is due to things going on in your partner's life that are just distracting, OR due to an emotional distancing?
Hard to say, but I did want to mention that it makes sense that a flurry of emails / texts / phone calls should probably be expected to slow down after some weeks or months, as the parties have come to know one another in these media in a broad sort of way. In my own case, having not spent f2f time with my faraway darling, I'm really ready for that next step -- which has had to wait for various reasons. We really need to spend time being quiet together, non-verbal, embodiedly present....

By the way, M and I have established a habit of being extremely open with one another, keeping nothing hidden or secret. This definitely keeps the guessing games at bay. If one of us is feeling this way or that way, we'll just say so.
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