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Originally Posted by Inyourendo View Post
she's very good about talking about her feelings and not hiding things.
it could be that she showed even what any other person would not say in order not to "hurt" someone i'm sorrounded by Scorpios' in female clothes

hey, there's a Sagittarius' fans meeting going on!

this is a part of advices rob's gives to sagittarius for these current days:
Try this meditation: Imagine that you are the wood and the fire that consumes the wood.

First, focus your awareness on the part of you that is the wood. You may tremble or gasp, feeling the jolt of your solidity disintegrating, your form changing. As you shift your attention to the part of you that is the fire, you may exult in the wild joy of power and liberation.

It may be tempting to favor the fire over the wood, to love the burning more than the being burned. But if you'd like to understand pronoia in its fullness, you've got to appreciate them equally. Can you imagine yourself being the fire and wood simultaneously? Is it possible for you to experience the deep pleasure of their collaboration?
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