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Originally Posted by Clearheart View Post
There needs to be a page devoted to all the abbreviations and lingo for us newbies!
Thanx for the advice, patience is a virtue i am still trying to learn.
There is. No one ever bothers to read it. There are also forum usage rules and no one ever bothers to read those either. It never ceases to amaze me how resourceful people can be when it comes to googling, finding this forum, registering, and figurring out how to post a wall o'woe, but their reading and written communication skills seem to be a one way street when it comes to reading what has already been written uere by others.

I take this Personally because i have done a lot to try to organize the information on here so that it is easy to find, and i know redpepper has done the same when it comes to tagging threads. I tend to receive it somewhat disrespectfully when someone comes on and asks "how do i deal with jealousy" or "does anyone have any coming-out stories" etc. because that tells me they haven't done any browsing arou d the forum as these two topics are both tagged and in Golden Nuggets. Golden Nuggets is right in the main directory on the main page of the forum and it says right underneath it "Posts worthwhile to read". How someone "can't find it" makes me wonder how you find the stuff to register and post here in the first place.

Maybe i'm extremely intelligent, which is something i have been told but i dont FEEL exremely intelligent just because i am able to take one aspect of daily functioning and apply it to something tangentially related. In other words, it really is not hard to find shit on the internet, and the forum is part of the internet, so THEREFORE it is not hard to find shit on the forum.

The End.
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