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Thought I'd give an update on where I'm at, as well.

Things are definitely going well for me. As LM said, I have met two nice women, and have made good connections with both of them. There is a bit of an imbalance in one of them, but that's mainly due to the fact that she's not truly poly. I enjoy spending time with her, but I don't believe I'm as 'in to her' as she is to me.

The second one is a completely different story. We had quite a bit of online communication, and met for the first time about a week ago. All I can say is . . . OMG! The connection was almost instantaneous, and very, VERY strong. We've seen each other three times since then, and while we've both commented on how we feel like we should be thinking it's moving fast, it really doesn't feel that way. The emotional, mental, and physical connection is almost mind-blowing. Plus, she's genuinely poly, which is a nice thing. I would say that she is just what I needed to put the last piece in place and make my poly transformation complete.

Of course, I'm worried now that my other friend, who has stated that she doesn't want to know about anyone else I may be seeing, is going to make continued and increasing demands on my time. I think a talk is most likely coming soon, and that doesn't sound fun to me.
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