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Originally Posted by Clearheart View Post
Yes, i guess i could show more compassion, but i feel like the one that is being left out with no one to talk to, they have eachother and i am supposed to just wait till they decide if i should stay. I am more the type of person to take control of my life and not let it be in the power of others. I guess i am only looking at it through my eyes, i think i will just step back and see what happens when the smoke clears. And in the mean time try to fill my needs myself. thanx for your perspective.
No, you are not supposed to or expected to sit and wait. You can carry on with your own life, DO take control of your life and don't give them power over it. This does not mean you need to say now or never to them though. Keep your heart open to them, give them support as they need it and request it. While they are figuring out their own shit you can keep living your life. If/when they approach you with whatever situation they believe will work for them you can then choose if it will work for you or not.

It seems to me you see that the only why you can take control of the situation is to walk away. But you can take control of your own situation by living a happy healthy life until they actually come to you with a choice to make.
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