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Default New to this site but not poly ;)

Now that im entering into a serious relationship, I wanted to seek out support. a bit about myself. Im 31, mother of 3, with hubs for 3 years. Been poly since a teen. my ex and I dabbled a bit but he wanted a triad and I did not. didnt work out very well for me and so we split after 11 years of being together.

Hubs and I are fairly open to anything (except swinging) and have had very good luck making great friends with other poly minded people and we have had a lot of fun adventures these past 3 years. now we are entering into some new territory. an honest to goodness quad and all the emotions and adjustments that come with it. all this time hubs and I have pretty much dated separately so this is pretty big, never done this before. esp when this couple wants a closed relationship and hubs and i are very affectionate. eeek
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