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Talking with her, she is looking for a relationship with someone. We are still building ours because she has been hurt in the past (poly couple) and it will take time between us to show that the fears she has from them won't happen from me. I know if I do enter into a poly relationship with her, she has stated that I am the closest thing to a primary and she doesn't see me being unseated from that position. She also has a fwb, she has stated that she would either keep him or find a gf closer to replace him. She is looking to settle down eventually and have a family and kids. Also I am on the fence, I am not sure if I can do this as a mono or poly. I am interested to explore and see what I can do. I don't want to force her to commit to me and only me, but I know we have talked about it and it is a possibility. I feel that it is wrong for her to give her life up, that is why I am here and looking, reading, trying, and just seeing if this is something I can really do. When I get back from my work trip I have three books I am planning to pick up.
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