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Originally Posted by Karma View Post
So, just made the call to get set up with a therapist. That should not have been as difficult as it was... WTF am I nervous about?
It's actually REALLY common for people to be nervous about talking to somebody about issues they may have been pushing away for most of their lives. The fact that you are making the call anyway and going says a lot-- many people can never make that step, or really open up in therapy (eventually) and get the most out of it.

My hubs has been knowing he needs to go and procrastinating for several years. Things that came up recently for him just showed him how important it was for him to finally make that step.

Be gentle with yourself. Take some time to build repoire and trust with your counselor. And always remember if the first counselor you see doesn't click with you-- find another one!

And be gentle with yourself. Take your time. It's a process, not a race.
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