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Vanilla consoled with me "If it's something we both enjoy, how can there be something wrong with it?"

I think that BDSM triggers very primitive responses, so that's part of the difficulty in combining it with your usual, civilized, rational self. Vanilla goes through HUGE anxiety and feels very distressed every time she is about to enter a scene with someone, and is always about to call it off at the last minute. Her rational side goes; "What the fuck am I doing? This is senseless!". And then the scene begins, and her brain just shuts down and she becomes one very happy camper indeed.

And some of it is balance, I think. She very much lives in her head, is highly determined and super-aware of her surroundings and other people - so having somebody else take away that control and assure that things are going to be alright and she should just let go and enjoy the ride provides much needed balance.

Has anyone ever "retired" from BDSM for longer periods at a time because it was not possible for some reason in that stage of life (lack of partners/energy/bad experiences/too busy/other things to sort out)? If so, did you miss it?
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