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Originally Posted by ohthatgirl View Post
I really appreciate the amount of respect everyone here has shown.

After posting this and reading some feedback, I spoke with my husband about the idea of polyamory and we talked a lot. He has stated that while he adores her, he is not "in love" with her...
Adores her but isn't "in love?" Hmmm, what's the difference? We polys call the heightened emotions and physical reactions of infatuation and twitterpation New Relationship Energy. Perhaps your husband sees the difference between "true love" and the consuming feelings, rather obsessive, of getting to know a new person, and lusting for them.

I will be meeting the girlfriend and her husband for the first time tonight. We're planning dinner and a movie and maybe some board games.

I want this to work - I want my husband to be as happy as he can be; I don't want our marriage to be about limitations, but rather how high we can fly with the support of one another.

Thank you again, everyone.
How did it go???
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