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Originally Posted by serialmonogamist View Post
Interesting that none of the others got stoned either, despite their also being seemingly guilty of sin. Also interesting that Leviticus only mentions other men's wives and virgins. I wonder if they were allowed to sleep with divorced women and prostitutes, of which I have heard there were many. No, there were probably expected to marry the women they slept with and not divorce them without good cause.
Actually, men weren't required to marry the women they screwed. Hence, concubines... OK? Kept around for sex and not much more...

And screw a divorced or widowed woman, "or" a prostitute? In ancient Israel/Judah, a divorced woman had no power or economic stability. So, a divorced woman would often turn to prostitution to put food on the table for herself and her children. (In this post I will not address holy women, qudesha, aka temple prostitutes, representatives of Asherah.) A widow was required to marry her dead husband's brother, and have more children for the lineage.
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