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Default Newb and lost

So Upfront I am not poly.

I started talking to this woman a few months ago. She is wonderful, she popped on me a couple weeks into getting to know each other that she is poly. I understood this and told her it was worth me sticking around and seeing what came of us. We are both into dancing and she travels the country for her specific style of dance. She comes back from one of her events and tells me she saw this guy that she hooked up with on a cruise but nothing happened at this time. Though he would be coming to our town for an event in a couple weeks. She made no promises nothing will happen. Well the weekend has come and passed, I asked her not to tell me if anything happened. Though I don't think it would bother me, I don't want to risk it. Of course I assume they did and that doesn't bother me. But during the weekend she would come up to me and kiss me and hug me, and give me that look that just let me know everything was going to be ok, that on sunday when he left it was us again. Not to worry. I was so calm because of these things, I have a feeling I am going to fall for her fast. I just want to be best prepared for what everything is about. I am happy that she can love multiple people, not exactly happy about her hooking up with someone but I am not fuming mad either. I am new to all of this. The more I read and talk to her the more I feel safe with her, I know she would never hurt me unless it was because we just don't work. I know I would like to one day be her primary. Whether I embrace the poly lifestyle or stay non-poly. Any advice at this point is more than helpful, books, tips that helped you anything.
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