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Default Not very happy right now

My husband has for years been interested in doing a poly triad type situation. I was willing, but I was a little more lukewarm about it. A triad was really the only situation I was willing to go for. I didn't want us dating different people. After a few dating situations where I wasn't really into the other woman, we finally met someone we both really liked.

I thought it was all going well. At least, it was all going well for me and her. She's finally said that she's not feeling chemistry with my husband. She and I have done some major bonding lately and I'm having some feelings developing. There's no question in my mind that I want to continue seeing her. My husband says he would never interfere in that, and they do like each other in a platonic sense and can still hang out. She'd had a horrible end to her last relationship, and I promised that whatever happened with dating that we still would want to be friends and weren't going away.

I'm just a bit upset. I specifically didn't want to do the dating separate people thing, and it looks like that's what will end up happening. He's at some point going to try to meet someone else. My condition is that I want it to be someone I can be friends with. I guess no one knows in advance what feelings might arise and how they'll be dealt with.
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