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Unhappy Feel like walking out of this drama scene

I got involved with a polyman and his 'easy going, confident" gf is going crazy now, he wasn't totally honest with her in the beginning about me, and was somewhat vague with me about his polyamory and now i feel somewhat stuck in the middle as they debate out what they each are feeling, i feel like i am stuck waiting for them to sort it out and then i MAY get to be included, in the way they decide. I am interested in a triad and it looks like she is not, i was just manipulated i guess. anyways i am thinking that i am not enjoying the drama and i am just going to walk away from them...
I don't mind sharing him, but i need it to also fill my needs and i feel like because she is so dramatic that is has all become about her, and her judgements on his ego and me because i am 20 years younger than them.
i think i may just stick with my intention af finding a woman first and the guy will follow. Somehow, though i am unexperienced, i feel like this way may work out better.
I guess i thought these two would have it together more because of heir age. Guess i was wrong.
Any advice is appreciated.
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