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Red, that sounds like "I told you so," when really the issue would probably have come up through a more gradual approach, too. It's just an adjustment. The relationship is actually going quite well, all things considered. It doesn't feel honeymoon-y (which is good and bad, I suppose--bummer that that was all just when I was visiting, but I guess it's good to be in the Real Relationship, too). We haven't had any fights, just good talks when conflicts come up, and it's been pretty great all around.

Green, I will be paring it back somewhat--it's an AmeriCorps position, so really, if they're only paying me the equivalent of like $5/hour, they can't be too picky, especially when I don't get paid MORE for working more hours...imagine a salary of $1k/month. :-P Anyway. I do resent working full time, because I'd ALWAYS prefer about 32-35 hours a week. But not really my choice, until I have enough money to not need the health insurance and such.

I think the suggestions of voicing my needs, getting it scheduled, and honoring that commitment all ring true. It's hard to say when it will really hit, maybe just play it by ear until a weekly routine gets set up, so I know if it really is Friday night, or a different time, you know? It does seem to work best in about a 2-hour chunk or so. I wish I didn't need it, it would free up more time for my daughter, and for the relationship. *sigh*
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