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Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
I want to be poly.

it is just my sexuallity.
Is it your identity? Or the lifestyle youi want to live? You seem to be confused about that. Both are very different. Identity is that you are born this way; that is to love many at once, actively and lifestyle is that you like to be intimate and close with many at once but could be monogamous also. Figuring this out might help.

What does she know of poly? Maybe you and here should read here a bit together and do some learning. Then talk about what it means to you and what she thinks of it all.

Chances are she is feeling threatened and fearful of what it all means and where she fits. Tell her you love her and telling her because you don't want to hurt her by landing this info in her lap when you fall in love. Its out there so that you and her can work through it, because you love her.

Give it time. Its all new. She will start feeling on the up swing in no time likely.
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