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Default Newbie ethical issue

Hi there

I've been researching the files, but I couldn't find one on this specifically.
It's kind of difficult to for me ask, silly as it is.

I know I love my husband. We've been discussing poly/open marriage for a year now.
I know who my other romantic interest is, and so does my husband.

Still, I met someone whom I would happily have recreational sex with (I had very few sexual partners in my life, so it's kind of thrilling for me). I don't think that's wrong in itself. My husband is also aware of this.

The question is he's married and cheating. If I go ahead, I would be his accomplice, so to speak. And I don't like that. But I'm talking recreational sex here. Should be held responsible for the way he handles his relationship with his wife? Still, I would be part of it, somehow, so I can't make up my mind...

I would very much like to hear you views on this.

Warm regards,

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