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Originally Posted by Hardison View Post
When I was a pre-teen figuring out how the Commodore and it's Basic language worked was play.
Today learning other new skills of the same sort is "work". (AKA play I get paid for)
when i was pre-teen i loved so much ballet (i later planed to contemporary dance) and teaching became may job i often say that i was very lucky that my favourite hobby became work.
in this period i'm.. plorking with new, smart, lovely and loving projects

i found this yesterday night while reading rob brezsny's plork (definitely) "Pronoia" i quoted before:
"who then will inherite the Earth? what kind of human beings are best-equipped to thrive in an evolving game of life? we say it will be the well-disciplined-pleasure-seakers who are in vigorous dialogue with their own dark sides, who balance the masculin and the feminine aspects of their natures, and who master the fine arts of working at their play and playing at their work."

congratulation, kids
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