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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Hijack by maca

Im not turned on by her getting turned on by him( just not who I am) But I do see your point in being happy for her if he makes her happy, but I dont see as why I have to be witness to it.Maybe in time that will change.
I'm glad I gave you food for thought! I posted not because I think you should change. You may not, and as others pointed out you're doing a good job at this point of being honest about your feelings and dealing with them up front. And youd should know it's ok if you don't change!

I thought it might be useful to you to see that my feelings changed through various relationships I've had and the process I went through to get there. Part of it may be the person I'm with now, but I also feel like it's because I've changed as a person. I've learned to feel good about who I am and what I have to offer in a relationship.

It's not that I think he can't live without me... it's that I know in my heart he doesn't WANT to. Therefore, why would he leave me when I'm willing to let him have whatever (and whoever) he wants as well as me?
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