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Just holding me might even help. We always go to the bedroom because that is where there is privacy. He lays down with his back to me and I sit there trying to think of what I want to say to make it come out the best way I can. I know he doesn't mean to talk to me the way he does and he swears he hasn't changed in that department, maybe he is right, but it seems like he is distant and and angry. His tone of voice is what makes me cry usually not so much what he says. Then after I cry and he is mad then it is usually what he says. We just can't seem to talk. I have brought up counseling so many times but I don't feel like I am worth the effort to go. So I go and focus on fixing me. I know he loves me but I am so afraid this will eventually end our marriage. It has nothing to do with M or J because we are both really happy with our other relationships. It is us plain and simple and I am scared. I love him so much but when we stopped being able to talk to each other it stopped being a strong couple and just started being here. This may not make any sence but I had to talk to someone. i know I can talk to J about anything but I don't like talking about my marriage because it already takes up so much of our life that I feel like I am neglecting him. I love him so much and I am trying to be fair with my time but it is hard with the three of us living together to find a good balance.
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