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Randy Savoy is a VERY polyamorous bisexual male who grew up in the resistance.


Randy Savoy [08]

Jerod Brannigan had done a good thing for his family. Most laboring class housing was very small no matter how many children you had. Every once in a while an exception would be made for laborers with children. Usually it would be dual income laboring households with at least one child who would qualify for this exception. Those last couple days of UUtopius were very frantic with people all moving out and making plans and saying rushed goodbyes. But Jerod Brannigan had taken his time to get every new identity as perfect as he could get it. The jobs and the house he had found for "the Sallays" in a mostly unemployeds neighborhood was just perfect for what they needed.

Randy's parents had a bedroom of their own, and one for his sister Crystal. Their sudden arrival had forced a rearranging and Crystal had gone to sleep with her parents so that Randy and Jenna could have her room and John Lamas was going to sleep downstairs in the living room --which unfortunately meant the whole house was going to have to be subject to hearing the tv all night long.

Randy was watching Jenna sleep on Crystal's tiny little bed and wondering how he was going to fit himself onto the bed as well. Jenna was exhausted and had fallen straight away to sleep. Randy's family was probably asleep by now or headed in that direction. But Randy was wide awake. He was studying Jenna as she slept. They had been appart for so long that he didn't want to let her out of his sight.

Randy heard the television switch off and wondered if John had decided to sleep on the stairs or in the kitchen. Sounded more like John was just coming upstairs for something.

"Hey do you guys have an extra pillow I could put over my head or someth... oh. I didn't realize she was asleep already."

Randy continued staring at Jenna for a bit. He got up and turned around and John was staring at Jenna in much the same way.

"She's beautiful isn't she."

"No," John replied absently.

Randy looked puzzled. "Well I think she is."

"Oh! No, I mean she is! But she's yours. She's very much in love with you Mr. Savoy. And so I try not to think about how beautiful... I Just do my job: help her find you and try to make sure both of you are safe."

Randy stood there looking at him skeptically. John tried to change the subject. "You sure do have a beautiful family. You're very lucky."

Randy smiled and invited a very nervous John Lamas down to the kitchen to talk. He grabbed the couch cushions and placed them at the back of the kitchen. As he suspected, the tv turned off again once they reached the back of the kitchen. He asked John whether he might not mind sleeping back there which would provide him with more peace and quiet and John agreed. Randy got a coca-cola orange juice out of the fridge and split it with him, and began to talk.

"Tell me about your family John. Where are you from?"

"I'm from Washington State. I don't have any family other than Boeing any more. My father died serving in Holy War II at the very beginning of it. And then, from what I understand, my mother was killed at the end of it by a vigilante squad for being an Athiest and having had an abortion when she was younger. I was raised by my aunt who works for Boeing. She got me a job in the Boeing PCA and here I am."

"Do you miss having a family? When you see other families? Like this one?"

"I don't know. Why are you asking all this? What are you getting at?"

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to raise a sensitive subject, it's just that I think there's a lot of room in this family."


"You're in love with Jenna aren't you?"

"NO! I've only just met her!"

"I only just met her and I'm in love with her. We've known each other for less than five months. And out of that time we've spent less than two weeks of it together. It doesn't take very long to realize how special she is."

"But she's already in love with you. She's going to have your baby and everything."

"In UUtopius, where I grew up, there were a lot of people that were polyamorous. I became one of them. It pretty much means that I believe you can love more than one person. On the space station you didn't ever notice Jenna was in love with Hotcha?"

"Well, their relationship seemed a little strange maybe. But I never saw anything they did in private."

"Well that's a shame. But anyway, Jenna's love for Hotcha doesn't mean that Jenna loves me any less."

"Yeah but, Ms. Cruz is a woman. Would you honestly be okay with Jenna getting it on with another guy?"

"Well, first of all, I don't view Jenna as being mine to control. I don't see her sexuality as anything she needs to seek my permission about. But the important thing is that I want Jenna to be free to fall in love with anyone that would benefit her life. It's obvious, from everything that happened back in Cambridge, that you care for her very much. I'm not trying to pressure you to do anything you're uncomfortable with. I'm just letting you know that if you really have strong feelings for her, that's it's probably okay to let her know that."

"Well how does she feel about it?"

"I'm not exactly sure. Like I said. We've spent less than two weeks together. There are a lot of things we haven't fully talked about yet. But if you're really as fond of her as all that, I don't think you should just brood about it. You should tell people when you have feelings for them. It makes them and you feel better."
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