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That would not fly with her at all, I promise!! What he tells her and Dad is that he's running errands or hanging out with a group of friends from work. If he told her that he was making these trips into town to hang out with a girl, it would be a living hell for all of us until we moved. This is not an option.

She proved tonight that she is more than willing to spout off her feelings and opinions in front of our children. Which is not okay. I will be talking to her about that. My boys did not need to hear the things that she said to me tonight at all. This is a lady that wears her feelings and opinions on her sleeve and is willing to share them with anybody that will listen. Gossip Queen comes to mind when I think of that part of her.

We are in a delicate situation for living in that they own the house we are in right now. She made it very clear tonight that if she continues to see this "leaving the house alone" behavior from J, then they will tell him he is no longer welcome to stay in this house and that he needs to find a new place to live. Obviously, he would not be leaving without the boys and I (although that's her intention). But, we really can't find another place to live for the next month as we prepare to move to NM. Ugh.

He just really needs to get his NRE under control. I've even told him, "Look, start seeing her less now, so that when she leaves for college you're not just left empty. Start weaning yourself now." But he's so blinded by NRE that he just can't see the point.
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