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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Whenever I ask him how he's doing, he answers, and just leaves it at that. He rarely asks me how I'm doing and I find that frustrating, although most of our communications are lighthearted, pleasant, and sometimes sexy (though not as much as before).

This part stuck out at me. I am someone who usually/use to prefer LDR`s. I like my own space, and I dont like feeling obligated to constantly check in and keep up with other people. Friends or lovers, I have always done better with people who feel like me. Meeting and connecting through ebb and flow.

However, the fact that he doesnt ask you how you are doing,..something is wrong here.

That is a big red flag to me. He is 'holding you on' for some reason, but not wanting to truly connect with you, for another.

Sorry to say, but I think I`d let this guy slide, if I were you. Everything you say, about him waiting for his wife, being preoccupied, etc,...isn`t right for YOU. It doesn`t mean he is a bad guy, but from reading your threads, and your desires, I don`t think you will find experiences with this type very enriching.
You want passion, and someone to really embrace life and you, without ownership.

Its great that you try to understand his point of view, but don`t forget your own.
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