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Default Communicating seems to be over

Before I head to bed I need to post this so maybe I have some thing to work with tomorrow. My husband and I do not know how to talk to each other any more. He said he is afraid to talk to me about anything because I can't control when I cry. He is afraid to talk to me and talking to him usually ends up upset and mad. It is ALWAYS the same conversation even if the topic is different. I say something that bothers me and I then hear how it is my fault that it happened or that it is that way. He doesn't know how else to speak to me and I can't explain a better way to speak. Pissed tone of voice and blaming is not communication. I don't feel like I have much of a relationship with him anymore because what is a relationship if you can't talk about real issues. Small talk and what we did seems to be all that can be accomplished anymore. I am heading to be sad that it is getting worse rather than better. I wish I could express how I would rather be talked to but I can't seem to do it. We are both bad about this. I can communicate with everyone else in the world but him. What kind of a decade long marriage is that. Not much of one if you ask me. But I am emotional and tired so I'm heading to bed.
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